Embracing the transformative power of the web, The Digital Gaze seeks to redefine digital interaction and identity in an era marked by surveillance and connectivity. The website, a dynamic digital playground, invites users to turn the camera towards themselves as they confront the notions of privacy and autonomy. Through distorted portraits, The Digital Gaze prompts users to contemplate the consequences of their digital presence.

Each interaction reflects the user’s willingness to share aspects of themselves with the web. The experience gradually shifts from fun to eerie, blurring the boundaries between playfulness and the unsettling realization that the longer you spend on the web, the more of yourself you give to the web. This immersive experience challenges conventional web usage, fostering a reimagining of online spaces as sites of self-expression and connection. The Digital Gaze reflects the evolving landscape of digital culture and the complex interplay between technology and human experience.